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2024 Tao Garden Cosmic Energy Healing
and Chi Nei Tsang Core Body
By Master Mantak Chia

Cosmic Healing I and Buddha Palm Fri 26 - Mon 29 July 2024
Practice of channeling pure Cosmic Chi for healing. Master Chia will teach how to channel energy for healing the body and through working with a partner, how to heal ourselves and others. The healing energy experience gives the students a feeling of energy buoyancy, recharging them with pure Cosmic Chi.

Chi Nei Tsang I: Internal Organ Massage • Fri 2 - Mon 5 Aug 2024
Taoist sages observed that humans often develop energy blockages in and around their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdomen. These can constrict the flow of chi, eventually resulting in physical ailments. By using Chi Nei Tsang I's 40 techniques of navel and deep organ energy massage you learn to release and clear blockages, toxins, excessive heat and negative emotions.

Chi Nei Tsang II: Chasing the Winds, Golden Elixir Chi Kung • Fri 9 - Mon 12 Aug 2024
Chi Nei Tsang II uses the Elbow Technique, working primarily with the trapped winds of the body. These can become sick or evil winds which can lead to heart attack if not released. The student will learn about the Ten Winds, how to chase and discharge them from the body and how to inject good Chi back into the vital organs and glands. Elixir Chi Kung consists of 11 postures; nine of these involve gathering forces through the saliva.

Chi Nei Tsang III Toksen Fri 16 - Sat 17 Aug 2024 / Chi Nei Tsang V (Life Pulse Massage) Sun 19 - Mon 19 Aug 2024 / Chi Nei Tsang IV Karsai Massage - 20 Aug 2024
Chi Nei Tsang Healing Harmony Tok Sen (Muscle, Tendon & Meridian Massage) is Internal Tendon Massage moving the energy (chi) throughout the body while releasing and opening up its passages. Learn to use the hand techniques (finger presser, twisting & spiraling, hand scooping & wave techniques) first step with Chi Nei Tsang I massage to open up and release the blockages in the Abdominal, Arteries, Muscles, Tendons, Vertebrae, Shoulder Blades, Coccyx, Arms, Legs, Feet, Joints, Hands, Neck and Meridian Lines.

More information please contact: retreatreservations@tao-garden.com

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