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Welcome to the Universal Healing Tao Chi Nei Tsang,
Chinese/Thai Abdominal Massage, website.

We are very pleased to offer you the original teachings of Taoist Master,
Mantak Chia
as presented to some of the most famous Chi Nei Tsang practitioners and instructors around the world.

The World Headquarters for treatment

and information is located in northern Thailand, at Tao Garden Health Resort

What is CNT?
Chi Nei Tsang
, or CNT, is an ancient form of detoxifying, energizing, abdominal massage.  It blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques, making it truly different from any other healing modality. read more!

How does it work?
Chi, the life-force energy, moves through the body’s internal channels, nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph glands. These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen, which acts as their control center. Tensions, worries, and stresses of the day, month, or year accumulate and are seldom dispersed. ‘These disturbances can cause physical tangling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. The result is the gradual obstruction of energy circulation, which may lead to any number of maladies including, but not limited to, indigestion, constipation, bloating, insomnia, whole body toxicity, poor skin quality, and an inability to lose weight.

The ancient Taoists realized that negative emotions cause serious damage to one’s health, impairing both physical and spiritual functions. They understood that each human emotion is an expression of energy and that certain emotions could indicate the negative energy behind many physical ailments. They also identified a specific cycle of relationships between the emotions and the organs. For example, the experience of a “knot” in one’s stomach indicated the presence of worry, the negative emotion that accumulates in the stomach and spleen.

The Taoists discovered that most maladies could be healed once the underlying toxins and negative forces were released from the body. They developed the art of Chi Nei Tsang to recycle and transform negative energies that obstruct the internal organs and cause knots in the abdomen. Chi Nei Tsang clears out the toxins, bad emotions, and excessive heat or heat deficiencies-that cause the organs to dysfunction.

Why do I hear so much about “Detoxifying” these days?
Fast food, fast cars, and fast lifestyles cause stress both physically and mentally.  We have already mentioned that excessive negative thoughts create physical toxins; they also lower the immune system.  When we combine these elements, we create toxic situations in the body that frequently go unnoticed in our hectic day-to-day pace.  Toxins undermine our health and create optimal conditions for disease to flourish.  Some toxins require the body to send fighter cells to destroy the attacking element.  When these cells go awry and won’t stop building on each other, we call it Cancer.

chi nei tsang and colonic

For example, when food gets stuck in the intestines, it rots.  This rotting substance produces toxic gas, which seeps through the intestine and straight in to the blood.  From the blood, poison gets distributed to the internal organs and glands; even your brain!!  The same could be said for the lungs and the breathing of dirty air.  In Chinese medicine, the associate organ to the Lungs is the Skin.  Ever notice how a heavy smoker looks older than they should?   Add to this toxic ingredients found in every day toiletries and many people are walking toxic dumps!
The most important cleansing organ is the liver. Eliminative channels include the bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs, and lymphatic system.  CNT helps simulate these systems naturally to allow for optimal function and helps the body fight disease and maintain radiant health.

Who needs CNT?
Most people have experienced a time in their life when their Chi has been blocked.  Infants experience blocked Chi as Colic.  Children experience blocked Chi as illness or tummy aches.  Teens frequently hold excess toxins and negative emotions from hormone imbalances and/or poor eating habits, which may occur as acne.  Any adult who experiences stress, worry, or anxiety without consciously relieving the excess negativity may benefit from CNT.
Did we miss anyone?

Who performs this technique?  Where can I find a practitioner?

Master Chia has certified many practitioners over the years.  Some have gone on to become teachers and a few have even become masters of the Technique.
It is important to know that CNT may be performed on the self and your practitioner/teacher will teach you how to do this.  You may read Mantak Chia’s books, watch the DVD’s and learn invaluable techniques.

It is best to study with a qualified practitioner because the main role of the CNT practitioner is to educate, not heal. A person who has awakened their healing energy can continue the healing process by practicing at home. This makes CNT very different than other forms of medicine.

New Development:

Tok Sen is a traditional treatment method from northern Thailand that uses wooden tools and is about 5000 years old. The name Tok Sen means in Thai "dissolving of energy lines".

Life Pulse Massage is a healing method for activating the vital pulses of your body and opens a new dimension of healing based on the flow of our vital essence of blood and Chi to improve, revitalize and balance the health of our organs and functions.

Life Pulse

Mantak Chia summer retreat week5 CNT I_Checking the Pulse

Mantak Chia summer retreat week6 CNT II_Chasing the wind

Mantak Chia summer retreat 2017 week7 CNT III_Healing Harmony

Mantak Chia Chi Nei Tsang III Muscle Tendon Meridian
with Solla Pizzuto

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Chi Nei Tsang
Chi Nei Tsang US Office (Oregon, USA)
10692 SE 34th Avenue, Milwaukie, OR97222

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.
Universal Healing Tao Center
Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort
274/1 Moo 7, Luang Nua, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, 50220 Thailand
Information for Mantak Chia training email: universaltao@universal-tao.com
Health Resort email retreatreservation@tao-garden.com




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