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Testimonial from Anne Marie Marty:


Hélène C… from Paris suburbs
On the 12 December 2017 I did CNT and Tok Sen on a lady with serious knee problems and with pain under the right shoulder blade. She had undergone knee surgery 20 years ago &currently she is waiting for a new knee surgery soon. On that day she could hardly walk and suffered excruciating pains due to a huge swollen knee after too much effort during a quick walk.

I had previously worked on her legs and once I used cups after a session of Tok Sen.
So I repeated the treatment and followed the vascular vessels to drive the blood upwards as well as the water stored in her tights, legs and ankles. To work on her swollen & painful right knee and ankles I used a tiny cup that could suck liquids and release swelling & pain.

I must add that the first time she came for a session she could not walk down stairs. After a CNT & Tok Sen session & the use of the bamboo hitter & the small plastic hitter she could go downstairs alone. Ever since she has used the hitter every day which helps her walk & stand the pains.

Here is her testimonial in case it may be of some use to you.

Hi Anne marie
I wanted to share with you my improvement after yesterday’s session
The most obvious thing was my knee, the cupping was particularly efficient , my leg is less swollen and most of the pain subsided. I’ll see how things will improve today but I really think cupping is a must to complete your massage (with Tok Sen) .Concerning the backpain it has subsided too , I’m just waiting to see how things will evolve.
Thank you for your care.
Best regards.

Testimonials of genitals Tok Sen

Monica Debaecque 
Age group 30s, Fresnes France

With half a unicorne uterus I underwent a successful procedure of pregnancy by IVF 6 years ago. Since then several attempts among which three beginnings of pregnancy that ended with  miscarriage, the last one required surgery with absorption. Later with hysteroscopy numerous scars (synechia)  were discovered on the uterus. This made it impossible to envision a new attempt of IVF without undergoing a surgery first. Then I was lucky to receive several sessions of TOK-SEN (6 or 7) between this diagnosis and the complementary exams. Two weeks later the hysterosalpingography showed a perfect uterus, free of synechia, thus a new IVF attempt could start without any surgery.

I must admit that TOK SEN accomplished miracles on me. I sincerely recommend this soft method which does not cause side effects, most of all to people with a heavy medical background. This alternative medicine may not replace « modern medicine » but it supplements this medicine in an incredible way.

I must add the previous experience we had together. After a third miscarriage she had a painful uterus and her ovaries were protruding on her belly. She was hopeless and asked for help. Thus I offered Tok Sen to her for the first time .And after regular session for 2 weeks the uterus went back to its normal size and the ovaries were no more inflamed. I taught her inner smile and breast massage, ovary breathing but she did not practise at all. This is the reason why 3 months later when she had new exams to try a new implantation of fertilized egg, she was diagnosed with a uterus in a terrible state , needing surgery and she came back to me to try again Tok sen and it worked for the 2nd time.
This shows that thanks to Tok Sen, twice her disorders were overcome, yet she is not ready to work on herself and gives up any practice when I do not work on her.

An other case of uterus disorder

Carole H...from Reims France

This young psychologist in her 30s attended Aïsha’s sessions in the past and most of the time she felt sick during the workshop. One day she said her gynecologist had discovered a huge fibroid of 11 cm. She asked me to give her sessions of TokSen. I started doing so but we met only during the workshops and this  was not enough. So I decided to teach her to do it on her own. She was the first lady I taught doing it herself. She bought the tools and she practised on her ocean of qi every day.

A few months later she said she had good news, her fibroid has reduced to the size of 7 cm. Of course I taught her breast massage & ovarian massage & breathing, so I suppose the progress is due to all the practices

I have been teaching this to about a dozen of ladies and they manage perfectly well alone.They feel responsible of their health.

Tok Sen for finger disorders


This charwomen has suffered from Dupuytren disease ( a blockage of a canal with crystallization that prevent the fingers to stay straight and lets them bent) She underwent surgery to recover the use of her right fingers. When I met her left thumb was bent at right angle and she needed her right hand to pull it straight again with a lot of pain.
I employ her to clean my house and offered her a session of Toksen on her left hand and more precisely on the thumb. A The was a bit suspicious about this technique but as she refused to undergo more surgery she let me try; But this needs a daily practice that I could not do. She told me “can my husband come, you’ll teach him and he’ll do it everyday for me”. So I taught the husband and a few months later her left thumb was straight and now he can use it normally with no pain. Her surgeon was surprised but did feel enough interest in the method she used to cure her finger!!

Dupuytren's contracture is a condition in which one or more fingers become permanently bent in a flexed position. It usually begins as small hard nodules just under the skin of the palm. It then worsens over time until the fingers can no longer be straightened.                                   
Eloïse a young osteopath lady has had 3 fingers chopped off with the explosion of a big vase. She had her fingers repaired and after several months she resumed work. But soon her fingers started hurting and bending in a bad way that impaired her medical activity.
Again I could not deal with her hand every day so she suggested that I teach her husband – an osteopath too- so he could work on her.

Of course I accepted and they came to learn the technique I had a thin tool for foot reflexology and I used it. Indeed it was easy for him to imitate me and certainly even do better due to his knowledge of the tendons & muscles.

Eloïse got the idea because after the first session of CNT & TokSen she told me that for the first time for 11 years she has had no premenstrual syndrome, no pain during her periods and less abundant flow of blood. I had taught her breast massage and ovary breathing during her session.


Mark and Malvina
During last term of 2017 a participant of Aïsha’s CNT session felt terrible pain in the back and between the shoulders. She asked me for a Tok Sen that she did not know. I gave her a quick session in the evening & the next morning she was grateful because no pain remained.
A month later-November-during the new workshop she told me that her husband had suddenly become totally paralysed. He suffers form Guillain Barré disease Guillain-Barré syndrome is an acute polyradiculoneuropathy). He was conscious but could not open his eyes, move, speak, open the mouth, open his hands. For days he could only breathe alone. So she wanted me to help her. Yet I could not go & see him but she was ready to do what I would show her.

At first she used soft massages on the hands, belly, legs & feet but asked me advice with Tok Sen. I showed her on the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, legs feet and back. Right away she managed to give him Tok Sen on the hands, legs and later on the back when he was able to sit down.

I showed her how to stimulate the central nervous system with Tok Sen on the spine the musculo tendon lines on the back. Mark could stand up much earlier than any other patient.

With no proper tool she used a piece of wood to tap on her kitchen wooden utensil. Then a week later she came to Paris I gave her a proper set from TG.

She works on her husband everyday.

She also uses the bamboo hitter and some paramedics of the emergency care unit have been  amazed by the results and have asked for some hitters. She was determined to do anything to bring him back. And surprisingly Mark started to open his eyes, and after some time he could stand up with support of course. Yet even though he could open his mouth he could not swallow and needed a stomach probe to get food & drinks. He had a swollen tongue & could not move it nor utter any sound.

I told her to use Tok Sen on the tendons of the neck, jaws and to press the point below the chin.

The medical staff was amazed by the recovery of Mark. It happened much faster than for other patients without treatments with bamboo hitter and Tok Sen. His wife had just learned Inner Smile & the 6 Healing Sounds and right away she taught him. Mark practices a lot daily and this helps a lot.

Twenty days after the first symptoms Mark could stand up without any help, remained seated in an armchair, utter one “hello” on the phone. This was considered very spectacular.

During December Mark was able to eat mashed potatoes and sip some liquid.
He was allowed to spend Xmas with his family. During the last week of the year he could walk without any help whereas other patients were still bedridden and just in an armchair after months of conventional treatments. First week 2018 he can walk alone, stretch his fingers, talk and eat mixed food. The stomach probe was dismissed.

Following weeks of January

Mark starts practising the “tree” without being able to rise his arms, he still has got his psoas muscles quite blocked. He eats normal food and can speak, still with some difficulties finding words.

In addition to all the medical treatments Mark received in hospital he obviously benefited from the TAO practices: Inner smile; 6 healing Sounds, bamboo hitter, Tok Sen all over the body, and massage of the belly, breathing. In fact his wife used every thing she had recently learned with a positive attitude & energy. This is the last piece of information I have received here

Testimonial of Organ Breathing Massage

Edwige Schwarz  north fo France
7 rue de Tournai 59163 Condé sur Escaut
tel 00 33 3 27 25 09 56
mail edwige.schwarz@orange.fr

The benefits of Organ Breathing Massage, (AMDOR in French), after a year of regular practice.

I met Anne Marie in June 2015and as I was constantly suffering from constipation and urinary infections, she offered to show me her massage of the organs with breathing techniques.
I started practising regularly and I very quickly got results. Soon my bowels moved properly, this pleased me so much that I carried on this practice daily, sometimes several times a day and even at night when I could not sleep. This always brings me back to sleep.

At the beginning when I worked on the 2nd diaphragm (thoracic diaphragm) it triggered pains under the ribs on the right side. Nonetheless I carried on, my belly became more & more supple. The hard lumps subsidied. After some time. The pain had gone. My belly remained silent during the practice but became noisy during the resting period. I could hear it gurgle. What a pleasure.to hear it react so much.

After a year of practice, and without any expectations, I realized that my body had changed. The massage had triggered changes on the tissues: my skin was more hydrated and more supple and capable of stretching. The granular skin on my thighs was vanishing . My face was getting smoother. The forehead wrinkles had disappeared. I got results far beyond any expectations.

Today after each daily practice, I feel the energy bubbling everywhere on my body . I have long yawing periods and my eyes cry. I tell myself I'm cleansing my body, purifying my inside. I remain lying down and the big orbit start moving . I feel the energy circling around my body making the figure 8.

In addition to my personal practice , I now help my husband do it everyday so convinced of the benefits of this massage.

Frederic S ...

I have suffered from a  begnin hydrocel on the left testicule since 2002, it was quite noticeable  but  it was not addressed by the MD. My urologist did not consider necessary to practise  any kind of urgery despite the pains I felt when my testicule was  touched.
In 2012.  I started to feel uncomfortable at the level of the urethra in addition to a feeling of weight on the bladder. I had 2  fibroscopies  in 2012 and 2015 to  check for dysuria , they only revealed  the image of sclerosis on the cervix bladder and no anomaly on the bladder itself and an irritation of the urethra without any  defined reason. I was not prescibed any particular treatment apart from good hydration

In August 2015 a MRI revealed a  swelling of the left inguinal scrotum duct  and the persistence of the hydrocel on the left testicule. The sessions with Anne Marie took place later. Anne-marie gave me 8 sessions of CN T I followed by the use of Tok Sen on my genitals  and bladder.

After the sessions we could notice a significant  reduction of the hydrocel on my left testicule, if it did not diseappear completly, however since I have not felt any more  pain during palpation of my  testicule . The use of Tok Sen on the bladder and its periphery also reduced the discomfort of the baldder.

This discomfort was quite parmanent before Anne Marie 's sessions whereas now it seldom occurs. In addition, I feel necessary to add that I have resumed  my regular practice of mountain bike riding, (50km for every outing )and this does not provoke any discomfort on my testicule nor on my bladder, as it did before.

So to conclude I can  claim that these massages have been very positive in terms of living comfort.

Frederic SCHWARZ
Male 55 yers old
Mountain bike practice for 23 years.
TAI CHI &nd QI  GONG practice for 4 years.
He sent me the results of the medical exams after the tok sen treatment and again a year later to confirm that he was healed. I sent his two testimonials to you Sir and unfortunately I cannot find the second one in my archives. I hope you can retrieve it.

*Every now & then when he has strong emotions like death in the family, he feels pain in the sigmoid & bladder so I taught his wife to practise Tok Sen on his belly and insist on the ocean of qi area and the genitals.
I have been doing this Urogenital massage or Kar Sai massage on other men, especially on my 75 -year-old friend) and it does wonder to correct erection problems and stuttering urinary emissions too.

*In many cases too I had to teach ladies to help re energize their uterus & ovaries with Tok Sen on the pelvic area. In such occurrences they usually do it themselves  and  manage to reduce fibroids and endometriosis (adenomyosis, adenomyometritis).

*Then for people with fingers disorders that need daily practice I taught their partner to do it. I will sum up some interesting cases  but I do not keep all the comments I received, being more interested in the work than in the paper work.

September 4th, 2018.

Nataša Kovač

M.M. , 58 years female from Belgium, came to me (Nataša Kovač) with so called “frozen shoulder”. She could lift right hand for only a few centimeters. Left side was even worse. She was sleepless, having pain during the nights and she couldn’t do much due to this pain. Even to change the clothes was difficult for her.
I started to work on her belly and chest at the beginning of the session and I treated her shoulders with Tok Sen. After the first treatment she complained that she has even more pain, but I convinced her to come back after a few days. I gave her around 12 mixed sessions (Chi Nei Tsang with Tok Sen) in a rather short period of time. Pain gradually disappeared and mobility of both shoulder become normal. Last few years she is coming every 2 or 3 months for, as she says, an “checkup”. She is practicing regularly chi kung and some other Taoist exercises for her shoulders which I have advised to her. After the treatment I gave to her in this first 12 sessions, she went back to play tennis again with her friends and resume her normal life she was having it before her “frozen shoulders” trouble. What I have learned from this case? It is useful to use a herbal balls (heat) or to advice to go to sauna or to have hot bath after the treatment as treatment is releasing a lot of blockages in the body and warmth helps with this process….

“I had a case of frozen shoulder or capsulitis, very painful. No physiotherapist or doctor wanted to touch it in "time of crisis", all advocated the taking of anti-inflammatory and immobilization. So I heard about the chi nei tsang method, tok sen, and I recognize that these manipulations have been beneficial from the beginning. The crisis have passed smoothly! Since I found a lot of benefits and each session brings me energy and balance throughout the body., M. M. , 58 years female from Belgium.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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