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ELKE A.C. NEUBECK - CNT I & II, REIKI MASTER & TEACHER and the initiation of KNOW YOURSELF - DAI ELOA TA - In sharing some of my experiences with clients or in daily life, I hope to reach many in order to take benefit to better understand what we are dealing with in the accession process. It is most important to have people of confidence and trust to turn to because of ascensions symptoms. If you have questions and like to connect with me, I will be happy to hear from you. elkeneubeck44@gmail.com. I was lucky to meet Tao Garden to learn about a different way of healing, instead of chemical medication, Already in younger age I refused to take all these chemicals. And in the Pakua Clinic of Tao Garden I learn so many things about good health, thanks to Mantak Chia's knowledge. 
Healing an inflamed Appendix

It was in the year 2011 when being introduced to a few new people who came from Cairo to the Red Sea, where I lived at the entrance to the desert itself.  We had a nice meeting and they were interested to hear about energy healing.  So I expressed about my own experiences by treating clients with Reiki and what I learn from Tao Garden as a CNT practitioner.

After 2-3 days I received a phone call from them, telling me they are in the local hospital because ISlam, the younger man of 21 years was diagnosed with an inflamed appendix and was suppose to undergo surgery. I wondered why they rang me and so ISlam said he want me to heal him, instead of having an operation. I was kind of speechless and said: „Islam, I am not a doctor. I do not know how to do that“
But he said: „I know you can do it. When I was with you last time and you touched my arm, the pain was gone. I want you to do that.“

 At this moment I hear a voice from „above“ saying: „whatever I put in front of you, you are able to do.“  It was like an order. What followed than was like in a trance. I did not think much anymore, told them to bring Islam to my house, but I would not take any responsibility for any outcome. He said ok. He was in pain of course and could hardly walk. I sent the other men away and said I would call them when done. 

I can not recall exactly what I did with Islam. However I connected him and myself to the universe and asked the divine to be used as a channel. I had no idea how to do this and what to use. All I  remember is that I used soft touch with may hands and spiraling movements, speaking sacred prayers, using burning Moxa and black seed oil. During the treatment I asked him questions (can’t remember what) to bring up blockages from the mind and after 2,5 hours I was done. 

Along I gave him Homeopathic and Bachflower Remedies, said he would need to drink a lot and sleep. He slept very tied for 1night and 1 day. On the 3rd day he was fully recovered. He was so happy because he than was able to continue his bodybuilding. 

The other men were quite speechless and could not believe what happened. Myself I felt so centered and clam and happy in a way I never experienced before, as I was in an energy not from this earth. What I had done, was kind of normal to me, as if I been always doing such healing. I have no other explanation. 

By telling this story, I like to bring awareness to the world what we can do, when providing ourselves JUST as a channel for the DIVINE energies with unconditional love. And that means, without any expectations of how things should be done, neither to control the outcome. These things happen unexpectedly. They are not planned. They are the plan of God. All one has to do is BELIEVE and TRUST.

Tuberculosis - interconnected with Lungs, Guts & Brain
ok. let me start with our genetics. One day I was guided to a healing practitioner, because I knew that on our ascension process it is important to also check of genetic issues. I done quite a few to discover that I was the carrier of Tuberculosis. Well that explained many things in my life because as a very small child I was having a near death experience due to 

Spirit guided me to further investigate about Tuberculosis and the back ground. 

"Homeless persons are at high risk for TB..." - Spirits message to me was : those who have in their genetics the ancestry like the Huguenot (part of my ancestors), may have  this in their genes. The Huguenot were kicked out South of France and been on the road as refugees. I also experienced these stages on my path, not only the TB. It is a state of being constantly on the road, moving from one place to another, they feel orphaned.

discovering my ancestors circumstances, where they come from, who they were and the effect in a human's emotional system with health threatening decease. Such as TB, which transfers genetically to the next generation, causing an exhausted immune system that can't protect the body properly. The old news is, it can be healed. AS a child I nearly died in case of pneumonia, a near death experience, as we would say. 

However the healing practicer followed my guidance and we find out even more issues to be cured, intolerance for milk products, allergies for Pestizites and Panthenol, black mold and Borreliose. I was treated with BIO Resonance and Homeopathy.

In another case I was able to remove a big Liver spot with a simple Homeopathic liquid, instead of following a laser treatment which would have cost at least 2ooEuro. The spot COMPLETE vanished away after a few weeks. I had chosen the product intuitively, without knowing it was taking care of warts.

I like to stress to always follow your own intuition , instead of just blindly following others. It can safe you money, time and even more suffer.

Healing touch of twisted ankle.
Invited to go to the movies in Frankfurt, I walked ahead upstairs, leaving the other people behind who invited me to see what was upstairs, as I see a young lady sitting o the floor crying. She was the lady acting as an usher guiding people to their places. I sat beside her and asked what happened. Se said that she tipped her foot and it was hurtig so bad, and that it was broken before. I speak to her, touched and massages the food a little and all of sudden she was walking again. 

What happened here? Well it is simple. She had not overcome the previous trauma of the accident and now lived in her pain body, fearing it was broken again, i.e. something happened to it. My touch and speaking to her assisted to bring her back into the NOW. Because when we suffer of any kind, we are living in our pain body and are not present.

Again, a healing touch and the presence of WHAT IS from another, can assist to heal very quick.

Psychic Awareness - Am I going mad? What, I have a tumor in my head?
This was a very scary experience in my live.  Thoughts of worries and fears been running high in my head, a voice wanted me to believe I had a tumor, I need to go hospital having an operation. I said to myself thats it, now I get mad. GOD please help.

Some time later I met my younger neighbor who invited me into her apartment, expressing her worries for her sister, who was in hospital for brain surgery due to a tumor. I had picked up HER thoughts, believing they were mine.

Oh my Lord, I was released in one way, on the other side it was my first experience to truly recognize my psychic gift, receiving other peoples thoughts, it scared my heart out. How to deal with it? Nobody around to speak with, and when I mentioned it, they looked at me and thought as well I was going mad. I pulled back and stayed in fear. 

The next thing happened shortly after. I felt a person was dead, a mother. I said to myself, well my Mom already  passed over, so what is this now? As I see the husband of the neighbor lady, he is telling me he just got back from holiday because his Mom died. How sad and again, I picked up another persons thought.

During this time of awakening I think this is so important for people with Psychic ability to be supported and to learn to protect themselves. Well, the explanation is that as more we are becoming „aware“, as more our energy expands, mingling together with others. While being vulnerable in opening up to our „natural gifts“ is a sign of trust in Spirit and God. The path than is to learn to deal with it and use it in a positive way, instead of looking at it as a curse. BEcause that is what happened to me. I ran away from it, it was too scary. 

Specially in the city, there is such a chaos of energy due to the mass of people, internet, mobile phones and so forth. So I advise to learn to differentiate your own believes and if that is truly your thought and energy.  As you can see, it can be very scary. And if you believe your are sick or you do have a tumor, your unconscious will create situations to make this happen. This is the long term view I have come to understand. 

Meditating, and energy exercises are assisting the process. But now truly has to be open to it. In meditation we learn to listen not our inner self/truth. We have the possibility to look behind situations to see the truth, and let go of the illusion. Only in the quietness this can be achieved.
Reiki Initiations - just before death
Carrying the Reiki Master and Teacher degree, as well the initiation „Know yourself“, I had to undergo quite a path. I had to learn understanding that the REIKI light does not prevent from death but assist the soul to arrive quickly and safe on the other shore after death, so to say, and gives the chance to the soul returning soon. It happened to two people who I initiated and died afterwards. My mother and a friend of mine. I was in struggle with God and the Universe, it was so painful. I learn to understand that we have no power over death or life, it is the soul itself deciding when and how to leave this earthly environment. And that can be quite challenging for those who are left behind. This was one of my greatest lessons in life and was able to overcome the grief and depression with meditation, resting, going into the darkness of myself to transmute the believe system I grew up with. Thats why I fully understand people who suffer from the loss of a loved one, no matter if a human or animal. It is a trauma but not recognized as such. A kind of burnout happens, an exhaustion over the time and most doctors do not even recognize it. But that is again another theme for another time. 

Report from Elke's clients; a short success report from an African Lady I met in Cairo/Egypt, she speaks of being ORGASMIC . 
November 21, 2015
Here an honor coming out of the blue after years had passed. I am always touched by the influence I have on other people and their lives, which is again in connection to tore life's and being influenced. Here an example, a life success for another, through simply expressing my truth and what I believe in and the interest to share and assisting others.
By Harriet Scott
Dear Elke, It is through meeting you that I begun an exploration of an alternative world. I am thankful I met you in Cairo years ago. Since then I have gone through a journey of finding myself. We only met once...on a ride from the airport, but that was all I needed. Thank you for being one of the first contact people to show me something different from the kind of world I had been brought up in. 
I moved back to Kenya last year. I kept thinking back to when I met you shortly. You talked how nothing happens by coicidence and that all things work in synchronicity. You had different ideas... it was difficult to innerstand where you were speaking from. Since then I have had connections with other light workers and terms that you used started to be familiar. I've learned to connect with myself and learned to use my breath to activate myself, learned how to transmute energy and how to involve light angels in my work. I have seen transformation happening in my life...becoming more connected and orgasmick overall. I begun a ministry for women here in Kenya teaching them the things I know and have learned over the years since 2012. I call it Nefertari Living."
What would you feel when finally recognizing YOUR positive impact on other peoples life's? Life simply is a miracle and it has always been my goal helping others and to become empowered. Everything asssits healing. Nothing is more full filling than when I see how people get on and create happy life's. And that is the most important thing to BE : HAPPY from WITHIN. BEcause that is the key to health. Today I can say : "YES, I am really doing it and I am at PEACE with myself. I TRUELY AM."


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