Chi Nei Tsang Questionnaire

  I received CNT because I had already had a background in Shiatsu massage and wanted to   continue learning about the body/abdomen. I also had open heart surgery at age 3 and have   heart issues/heart palpitations.

  At first it was extremely sensitive.  The only other experience of my abdoman being touched was   by a doctor.  My skin seemed extremely sensitive, I clenched but eventually relaxed as I felt safe   and unharmed.

  Yes!  CNT relieves the discomfort of stuck Chi.  My sensitivity and body awareness has   increased, so I know when I need another.  It lasts a few days.

  I learned about that, The need for touch, about new it I good touch, There are wonderful

  Absolutely.  To move the stuck Chi, to create a connection with their body and inner selves.