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One Woman’s Story

By Sarina Stone, Certified Universal Tao Instructor

I began studying the Universal Tao methods of self-transformation in the early 1990’s. Within 3 years, I found myself at a 3-week intensive Chi Nei Tsang workshop that began in Berkley, California and finished at a beautiful retreat center in Santa Cruz.

I had the distinct pleasure of training not only with Chi Nei Tsang Master, Gilles Marin and his protégé, Tiffiny Fyans, but also with the Master himself, Master Mantak Chia. 
By the end of the retreat, I understood the power of my mind and it’s amazing connection to the functions of my glands, organs, lymph, and nerves.  I understood the issues I had at that time with digestion directly correlated to the emotional issues I had.  It was Tiffiny who demonstrated the amazing benefit one has when they can read the symptoms the body gives.  These symptoms are a road map, which may lead a person to better understand imbalances in thought that are wreaking subconscious havoc, as well as the by product of radiant health a balanced emotional state may bring about. 

For example, Miss Fyans pointed out that my Sigmoid Flexure was held shut in almost a spasm or contraction.  She told me that this was the body’s way of expressing a desire not to show anyone it’s sh*t.  I laughed and thought this to be a charming metaphor, but nothing more, and although I had slow digestion at the time, gave it no more thought.  We managed to unclench this piece of colon and digestion changed immediately; so did my personality.  I became far more Yin after my treatment.  I was a better listener.  My thoughts were gentle and my body was gently detoxifying as I now had a clearing to move stuck food.  It is difficult to describe the feeling of “space” which now existed on my lower left side, but suffice to say that I didn’t know how stuck I was until this amazing practitioner helped my body unclench.

A few days later I found myself driving through the bay area enroot to a friends house.  I was thinking to myself that I had grown such a fondness for this new friend that my feelings had gone beyond that of friendship and had, indeed, become romantic.  I said aloud “I should tell him.”  Then I said, “No.  I’m leaving in a few days.  Why bother?”

At the precise moment I decided to withhold my feelings, my Sigmoid Flexure, which had been open and relaxed for days now, began to violently spasm.  I placed my left hand on my lower left side and could feel the pulsating movement.  And then, it shut, and the movement stopped.

Sarina Stone is a certified Universal Healing Tao and Chi Nei Tsang instructor, and a favorite of Master Chia’s.  Her light hearted, personal approach to natural health has been shared with thousands of people around the world live, on television and radio, and broadcast on the World Wide Web.  She travels internationally teaching and treating clients. For more information, please go to www.Taolady.com


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