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Drawn from Chinese martial arts and Taoist philosophy, ‘chi nei tsang massage’
Promises a bellyful of benefits

By Monraknt Piyakesin

Mantak Chia's uncle had to be carried to his first ap­pointment for stomach massage with Dr Mui Yimwattana. Stunned to find him walking af­ter just one session, Chia, a world-renowned Chinese-Thai chi-kung master, signed up as Mui's student, incorporating the massage techniques into his Taoist system and creating what he called "chi nei tsang", or "massage of the internal or­gans".

     "Traditionally, masseurs didn't touch the stomach, as this was considered a private area. So they massaged the feet," says Jutta Kellenberger, explaining why foot reflexology is a com­mon practice in traditional Chinese medicine. Kellenberger is a senior Taoist instructor and chi nei tsang teacher at Tao Garden in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.

     For Taoists, the abdomen is considered to be the strongest energy centre, as the life force is stored in the dan thien, a point just below the navel. The theory goes that massaging the abdom­inal area will draw life force directly to the centre of the body as well as clearing blockages and toxins in the intestines that cause disease.

     "We can see the healing ef­fects of chi nei tsang instantly for people with irritable bowel syndrome," says Nitchara Yimsuk, a nurse and chi nei tsang practitioner at the Chiva-Som Health Spa in Hua Hin. "It also works well for chronic fa­tigue syndrome, PMS and peo­ple with emotional problems. Chinese medicine says that neg­ative emotions are hidden in the internal organs and once they are physically released, the body returns to its normal func­tion."

      What are the important skills that a chi nei tsang therapist needs to heal patients? "Focus -total concentration on the mas­sage, energy in the hands, and a heart that wants the patient to be well," answers Jutta, almost without thinking. "It is the Tao's mind, eye, and heart power."

Chi Nei Tsang students learn to tap trees for the healing energy they use in massage Strong pressure applied to a healthy stomach can be
Focus, feeling and a heartfelt desire for the client's wellbeing are the most important for a 'chi nei tsang' practitioner

'Chi Nei Tsang’ abdominal massage are offered in many Thai spas. A list of certified practitioners and courses can be found at www.tao-garden.com


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